Akira Mizuno

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Oxytocin (OT) is a nonapeptide hormone that is secreted into the brain and blood circulation. OT has not only classical neurohormonal roles in uterine contraction and milk ejection during the reproductive phase in females, but has also been shown to have new pivotal neuromodulatory roles in social recognition and interaction in both genders. A single(More)
The performance of a new method using pulsed streamer corona for the removal of SO<L>2</L> from humid air has been evaluated. The pulsed streamer corona produces energetic free electrons that excite, dissociate, and ionize gas molecules, forming radicals that enhance the gas-phase chemical reactions that convert SO2 to acid mist and/or particulate aerosols.(More)
The aim of this paper is to suppress the ozone production in dc corona discharges, and is to report the effect of material of the discharge electrode on the ozone production. In this study, corona discharges were generated in a coaxial wire-cylinder reactor stressed by positive or negative dc voltage. A set of high purity wires made of different metals, and(More)
The central few hundred parsecs of the Milky Way host a massive black hole and exhibit very violent gas motion and high temperatures in molecular gas. The origin of these properties has been a mystery for the past four decades. Wide-field imaging of the (12)CO (rotational quantum number J = 1 to 0) 2.6-millimeter spectrum has revealed huge loops of dense(More)
The newly developed plasma method has advantages of low temperature operation, time-saving and non-toxicity over the conventional methods, such as dry heat, steam autoclave, /spl gamma/ -ray irradiation and ethylene oxide (EtO) gas. Sterilization effect of discharge plasma on Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli (E. coli) was investigated using dielectric(More)
We propose a method for improving the accuracy of histogram-based image filtering. With this method, we define a histogram called intensity-stacked histogram. An image histogram generally consists of a frequency (number of pixels) for each bin. On the other hand, intensity-stacked histogram stores the sum of intensity values for each bin. The(More)
Diesel particulate filter (DPF) has been established as a key technology in reducing diesel particulate emission. However, technological improvements to pressure drop, durability, and insufficient collection efficiency for nano-particles are still required. Electrostatic precipitator (ESP) is another leading technology used in exhaust treatment but it is(More)
The production of monopolar ions by traveling wave corona discharge is investigated-using both a paralel wire and a double-helical wire electrode systems for developing the pulse-energized boxer charger applicable in large-scale ESP's. The traveling wave corona takes the form of streamers uniformly distributed on the wires and is enhanced by applying an(More)
Electrostatic atomization has been studied to inject charged water droplets into oil in a microchannel reactor system. With a negative DC voltage, Taylor cone was formed and the droplets were injected into oil within 1/30 sec. The injection took place periodically with interval of a few seconds when the DC voltage was maintained. Using water, droplets of(More)