Akira Mizuno

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We developed two labeling methods for the direct observation of single-stranded DNA (ssDNA), using a ssDNA binding protein and a ssDNA recognition peptide. The first approach involved protein fusion between the 70-kDa ssDNA-binding domain of replication protein A and enhanced yellow fluorescent protein (RPA-YFP). The second method used the ssDNA binding(More)
A failure in the compensate proliferation of pancreatic beta-cells, as the primary pathogenic event, has been reported in OLETF rat, a model of NIDDM. The aim of the present study is to define whether the beta-cell defect is attributed to the fetal stage islet development, if so, whether the defect involves down regulation of PDX-1 protein expression.(More)
This paper discusses how to schedule tasks of a parallel program onto heterogeneous machines with non-negligible interprocessor comnmnication. In order t,o get. a I~et.ter estinmte of the scheduling priority of a task in the face of contmunication delays, recent theoretical rest, Its are incorporated in the computation of the tasks' execution ranges. A(More)
Evidence indicates that impaired immunocompetence and nutritional status adversely affect short-term and long-term outcomes of patients with cancer. We aimed to evaluate the clinical significance of preoperative immunocompetence and nutritional status according to Onodera's prognostic nutrition index (PNI) among patients who underwent curative gastrectomy(More)
Electroporation is the most widely used transfection method for delivery of cell-impermeable molecules into cells. We developed a novel gene transfection method, water-in-oil (W/O) droplet electroporation, using dielectric oil and an aqueous droplet containing mammalian cells and transgene DNA. When a liquid droplet suspended between a pair of electrodes in(More)