Akira Matsudaira

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We have demonstrated both slow light in the absorption regime and fast light in the gain regime of a 1.55 microm quantum-dot semiconductor optical amplifier at room temperature. The theory with coherent population oscillations and four-wave mixing effects agrees well with the experimental results. We have observed a larger phase delay at the excited state(More)
We present the theory and experiment of metal-cavity nanolasers and nanoLEDs flip-chip bonded to silicon under electrical injection at room temperature. We first review the recent progress on microand nanolasers. We then present the design rule and our theoretical model. We show the experimental results of our metal-cavity surface-emitting microlasers and(More)
We designed, fabricated, and characterized thermal performances of Fabry-Pérot quantum-dot lasers with both metal-coated and conventional dielectric waveguides. With proper design, metals, such as Ag, Au, Cu, and Al can function as a low loss waveguide wall as well as an efficient heat remover. Metal-cavity waveguide lasers showed excellent threshold and(More)
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