Akira Kurihara

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A paucity of diagnostic morphological characters for identification and high morphological plasticity within the genera Eucheuma and Kappaphycus has led to confusion about the distributions and spread of three introduced eucheumoid species in Hawaii. Entities previously identified as E. denticulatum, K. alvarezii, and K. striatum have had profound negative(More)
The Hawaiian red algal flora is diverse, isolated, and well studied from a morphological and anatomical perspective, making it an excellent candidate for assessment using a combination of traditional taxonomic and molecular approaches. Acquiring and making these biodiversity data freely available in a timely manner ensures that other researchers can(More)
p53 homologue, p51/p63, predominantly expressed in keratinocyte stem cells, is indispensable for the formation of epidermis. Notch1, another such gene indispensable for the process, induces growth arrest and differentiation in keratinocytes. We found that exogenous expression of DeltaNp51B (DeltaNp63alpha), one of the isoforms of p51 specifically expressed(More)
A total of 290 florideophyte samples from the Hawaiian Rhodophyta Biodiversity Survey, spanning 17 orders of red algae, were sequenced for the mitochondrial COI DNA barcode, partial nuclear LSU rRNA gene, and plastid UPA rRNA marker. COI was A-T rich (> 60% overall) in comparison to the two rRNA markers, and was also the least conserved, with the third(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between radiologic instability and its symptoms is controversial. Previous authors consider flexion-extension radiographs to be of little value in evaluating instability; however, the current authors consider the variation of results in evaluating radiologic instability to be the result of limitations in previous researchers'(More)
STUDY DESIGN A case report. OBJECTIVES To report and discuss a rare case of epidural hematoma that was considered to be formed as a result of idiopathic bleeding occurring at the facet joint (joint apoplexy). SUMMARY OF THE BACKGROUND DATA Spontaneous spinal epidural hematoma is a relatively rare condition. According to a review article of 199(More)
STUDY DESIGN A case report. OBJECTIVES To report a rare case of a 27-year-old female with ossification of yellow ligament at the lower lumbar spine presenting radiculopathy with a drop foot. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA The majority of cases of ossification of yellow ligament occur at the lower third of the thoracic or the thoracolumbar spine. There are(More)
Radiographs of 3,259 outpatients with low back disorders were examined for age, gender, level, direction, degree of slip, lumbar lordosis, pedicle-facet (P-F) angle, facet shape, and disc height. Degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis was found in 284 (8.7%) of the patients, of which 83 were excluded. Single-level spondylolisthesis was present in 132 of the(More)
There are few reports in the literature of the surgical treatment of cervical myelopathy secondary to rheumatoid arthritis below the level of the axis. Three cases are presented. All had severe motor and sensory loss in the upper and lower extremities. The cause of myelopathy differed in each case: in the first, the dura mater was infiltrated with(More)
STUDY DESIGN Cross-sectional study of 880 outpatients with low back and/or leg pain regarding age distribution of three radiologic factors. OBJECTIVES To investigate the proportion and relationship of three individual radiologic factors with age on segmental instability in sagittal plane in consecutive age groups. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Previous(More)