Akira Kumamoto

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We present a numerical method for efficiently detecting unstable periodic orbits (UPO's) embedded in chaotic attractors of high-dimensional systems. This method, which we refer to as subspace fixed-point iteration, locates fixed points of Poincaré maps using a form of fixed-point iteration that splits the phase space into appropriate subspaces. In this(More)
In any e-learning system, students are required to study some course materials normally prepared in the form of textbooks. However it is not an easy task for many students to understand these textbooks. When some doubts and/or questions arise as to descriptions within textbooks, they usually tend to solve this difficulty by themselves or with their friends.(More)
Towards extending the methodology for developing flexible pattern generators and controllers that can exploit various nonlinear phenomena, this paper proposes a framework for constructing continuous-time dynamical systems that bind desired unstable periodic orbits into a chaotic attractor. Our strategy is comprised of the following three stages:(More)
Aiming at developing a methodology for constructing continuous-time chaotic dynamical systems as flexible pattern generators, this paper discusses a strategy for binding desired unstable periodic orbits into a chaotic attractor. The strategy is comprised of the following two stages: constructing an interim “chaos-generating template”, and deforming the(More)
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