Akira Kosaka

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In this paper, we explore automatic model construction by analyzing natural language documents. The extracted model will be utilized by a CAD system. A system called hmU, in the course of development, is designed to allow knowledge on very complex hardware module like LSI or VLSI to be incorporated into its knowledge base. The acquired knowledge will be(More)
BACKGROUND In a short window of time, intravenous and intra-arterial thrombolysis is the first treatment option for patients with an acute ischemic stroke caused by the occlusion of one of the major brain vessels. Endovascular treatment techniques provide additional treatment options. In selected cases, high revascularization rates following microsurgical(More)
The fusion imaging of the 3D MR cisternography (MRC) and 3D MR angiography (MRA) was applied for the assessment of the major cerebral arterial stenosis. The outer wall configurations of the stenotic lesions of the intracranial major cerebral arteries within a cisternal space were depicted by 3D MRC. Flow-related vascular structures were shown by 3D MRA.(More)
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