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The present paper realizes multiband spectral imaging with high spatial resolution for omnidirectional estimation of scene illuminant in a simple measuring system. To overcome the mirrored ball problems, we propose a multiband omnidirectional imaging system using a high-resolution trichromatic digital camera, a fisheye lens, and two color filters of(More)
Abs tract This paper proposes a goniophotometric system for measuring l ight refl ection on an obj ect surface using two commercial robot arms and a digital camera. I t al l ows four degrees of freedom in incident and v iewing angl es necessary for ful l parametriz ation of a refl ection model. Col l ected images are transformed as if they were al l(More)
SUMMARY This paper proposes a gonio-spectral imaging system for measuring light reflection on an object surface by using two robot arms, a multi-band lighting system, and a monochrome digital camera. It allows four degrees of freedom in incident and viewing angles necessary for full parametrization of a reflection model function. Spectral images captured(More)
We propose a feature extraction method for a newly developed vibratory image sensor. The proposed method extracts a local log-polar symmetry as image feature. In this article, it is shown that log-polar symmetric patterns include well-known characteristic points such as edges, corners , peaks, and so on. The principle of our method is as follows: a periodic(More)
A method of real-time heterodyne imaging interferometry using a three-phase correlation image sensor (3PCIS) is proposed. It simultaneously demodulates the amplitude and phase images of an incident interference pattern at an ordinary frame rate with good accuracy, thus overcoming the trade-off among measurement time, spatial resolution, and demodulation(More)