Akira Kimachi

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The present paper realizes multiband spectral imaging with high spatial resolution for omnidirectional estimation of scene illuminant in a simple measuring system. To overcome the mirrored ball problems, we propose a multiband omnidirectional imaging system using a high-resolution trichromatic digital camera, a fisheye lens, and two color filters of(More)
Abs tract This paper proposes a goniophotometric system for measuring l ight refl ection on an obj ect surface using two commercial robot arms and a digital camera. I t al l ows four degrees of freedom in incident and v iewing angl es necessary for ful l parametriz ation of a refl ection model. Col l ected images are transformed as if they were al l(More)
SUMMARY This paper proposes a gonio-spectral imaging system for measuring light reflection on an object surface by using two robot arms, a multi-band lighting system, and a monochrome digital camera. It allows four degrees of freedom in incident and viewing angles necessary for full parametrization of a reflection model function. Spectral images captured(More)