Akira Kawakami

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We present the first experimental results on waveguide-type all-NbN SIS receivers fabricated on MgO substrates designed in a frequency range from 780 to 960 GHz. The receiver has a resonant distributed SIS junction one wavelength long at 870 GHz as the tuning circuit and a diagonal feed horn. The mixer chip was fabricated with accuracies of less than 10 im(More)
SUMMARY We report on progress in the development of high current density NbN/AlN/NbN tunnel junctions for application as submillimeter wave SIS mixers. A ultra-high current density up to 120 kA/cm 2 , roughly two orders of magnitude larger than any reported results for all-NbN tunnel junctions, was achieved in the junctions. The magnetic field dependence(More)
— We are developing a low noise heterodyne receiver at 3THz band for applications of atmospheric and astronomical research and for application of wireless communications. We have developed a phase-locking system of a terahertz quantum cascade laser (THz-QCL) by using a hot electron bolometer mixer. The THz-QCL was locked to terahertz reference generated by(More)
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