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Discovery of atrop fixed alkoxy-aminobenzhydrol derivatives: novel, highly potent and orally efficacious squalene synthase inhibitors.
We have recently reported the discovery of the new benzhydrol template, which has a highly potent inhibitory activity for squalene synthase, as typified by compound 1 (SSI IC(50)=0.85 nM). However,Expand
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Discovery of DF-461, a Potent Squalene Synthase Inhibitor.
We report the development of a new trifluoromethyltriazolobenzoxazepine series of squalene synthase inhibitors. Structure-activity studies and pharmacokinetics optimization on this series led to theExpand
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Discovery of a new 2-aminobenzhydrol template for highly potent squalene synthase inhibitors.
To obtain small and efficient squalene synthase inhibitors, a flexible 2-aminobenzhydrol open form structure was designed and showed potent inhibitory activity comparable to 4,1-benzoxazepinExpand
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Discovery of novel tricyclic compounds as squalene synthase inhibitors.
In the present article, we have reported the design, synthesis, and identification of highly potent benzhydrol derivatives as squalene synthase inhibitors (compound 1). Unfortunately, the in vivoExpand
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Correction to “Discovery of DF-461, a Potent Squalene Synthase Inhibitor”
According to the recent reconsideration and re-evaluation of every author’s contribution of this work, all of authors have reached the final conclusion that we should rearrange the order of theExpand