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The architecture of windmill hexameric zinc(II) -porphyrin array 1 is attractive as a light-harvesting functional unit in view of its three-dimensionally extended geometry that is favorable for a large cross-section of incident light as well as for a suitable energy gradient from the peripheral porphyrins to the meso-meso-linked diporphyrin core. Three(More)
Multi-dithienylethene arrays, in which two, three, or four 1,2-bis(2,4-dimethylthiophen-3-yl)perfluorocyclopentenes are ethynylene-bridged, were synthesized. Upon irradiation with ultraviolet light the hexane solutions of the arrays turned violet-blue and the color disappeared by irradiation with visible light. The quantum yields of photocyclization(More)
The nonameric porphyrin assemblies constructed with the series of free base tetraphenylporphyrins Pn having four pyrazine moieties linked with alkyl chains of different lengths, (CH2)n (n = 1, 5, 9, 17, 30), and dimeric [meso-tetrakis(2-carboxy-4-nonylphenyl)porphyrinato]zinc(II), ZnP2, show the effective light-collection effect and the typical Forster-type(More)
We used aerial photographs to create a digital elevation model of the canopy surface of a 10-ha study area in a temperate old-growth evergreen forest. A topographic map of the ground surface in a 4-ha permanent plot within the study area was also drawn from ground measurements. The difference between the two elevation values (i.e., canopy surface – ground(More)
Fluorescence spectra in three phases [crystalline, smectic A liquid crystal (SmA), and isotropic] of a mesogen including one carbazolyl (Cz) chromophore, 4'-n-octylphenyl carbazole-2-carboxylate (8PCzC), were measured at various temperatures and compared with fluorescence spectra in solvents with various dielectric constants. Further, for the first time,(More)
A series of zinc(II) porphyrin-imide dyads (ZP-Im), in which an electron donating ZP moiety is directly connected to an electron accepting imide moiety in the meso position, have been prepared for the examination of energy gap dependence of intramolecular electron transfer reactions with large electronic coupling. The nearly perpendicular conformation of(More)
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