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As a part of the 2nd Collaborative Study for the Transgenic Mouse Mutation Assay, we studied the organ specificity and the temporal changes in mutant frequency (MF) of the lacZ gene following intraperitoneal injection of 250 mg/kg N-propyl-N-nitrosourea into male MutaMouse. We used a positive selection system and examined eight organs, i.e., bone marrow,(More)
This paper presents a low voltage folding circuit for folding and interpolating ADCs. In general, reducing the supply voltage of the conventional folding circuit with source coupled pairs prevents it from working because the conventional circuit has large output voltage range, and it is difficult to decrease the reference voltages. This is because(More)
In addition to ganglioside GM1b, an unusual and extremely minor ganglioside, GD1 alpha, was efficiently isolated from bovine brain by combination of Q-Sepharose and Iatrobeads column chromatographies. In the course of purification steps, the presence of the sialidase-labile ganglioside was proved by a highly sensitive TLC/enzyme-immunostaining method. The(More)
Abstract A linear-in-dB VGA is fabricated in 0.18-μm CMOS technology. It is composed of three cascaded VGAs. Each of them is based on a conventional VGA and a proposed gain control circuit. To avoid devices parameters and temperature behavior on gain characteristics of VGA, a bias circuit is adapted to a proposed gain control circuit. The gain range of(More)