Akira Hoshino

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Commercial lipases were examined for their degradation efficiency of aliphatic polyester films. In 100 days immersion of polyester films in lipase solutions at 37 degrees C at pH 7.0, Lipase Asahi derived from Chromobacterium viscosum degraded polybutylene succinate-co-adipate (PBSA), poly (e-caprolactone) (PCL) and polybutylene succinate (PBS), and Lipase(More)
We report an autopsy case of MM1-type sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (sCJD) with an unusually prolonged disease duration of 58 months. The initial symptom was progressive mental disorder followed by advanced cognitive impairment. Clinical progression was generally slow; myoclonus appeared at 17 months and periodic sharp-wave complexes on(More)
A comparative investigation of the individual protein-bound carbohydrate components and the distribution of carbohydrates in the electrophoretic glycoprotein fractions was carried out in sera from 20 normal subjects and 30 schizophrenic patients matched for age and sex. The mean concentration of each of the protein-bound carbohydrate components was(More)
The disappearance and persistence of amethopterin-resistant L1210 mouse leukemic cells in a population of overtly sensitive cells have been followed. The response of the population depends entirely upon the presence or absence of therapy. Overall , the quantitative assay methods are capable of detecting 5% or better resistant cells in a population. This(More)
The authors conceptualized multidisciplinary team decision making in terms of information collection, communication, and combination. The study explored the potentially biasing effects of situational variables on information collection. When compared with evening shift nurses, day shift nurses rated patients as much less competent. The authors discuss how(More)
Serum acid glycosaminoglycans (GAG) levels were measured in 50 normals and 177 samples from different types of psychiatric patients. Mean levels were significantly higher in paranoid type schizophrenia, organic brain syndrome associated psychosis and manic type manic-depressive psychosis. The levels returned to slightly above the normal range upon partial(More)