Akira Hiraiwa

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We propose unvoiced speech recognition, "Mime Speech Recognition". It recognizes speech by observing the muscles associated with speech. It is not based on voice signals but electromyography (EMG). It will realize unvoiced communication, which is a new communication style. Because voice signals are not used, it can be applied in noisy environments; it also(More)
Electroencephalography (EEG) pattern-recognition studies were carried out using EEG topography (readiness potential, or RP, spatiotemporal patterns) generated the moment before voluntary movements of muscles. RPs generated prior to pronouncing syllables and controlling a joystick were studied by experiments and simulation. The spatiotemporal patterns of RPs(More)
Diastolic pressure Pd was indirectly measured by vibrating a finger artery with a 10 Hz sinusoidal pressure variation during a gradual increase (or decrease) in occlusive cuff pressure Pc. Pulsatile arterial volume changes on which sinusoidal variations are superimposed were detected by a transmitted infra-red photoelectric plethysmograph (TIPP). It is(More)
The cellular phone offers significant benefits but causes several social problems. One such problem is phone use in places where people should not speak, such as trains and libraries. A communication style that would not require voiced speech has the potential to solve this problem. Speech recognition based on electromyography (EMG), which we call "Mime(More)
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