Akira Hirai

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In this paper, we propose and evaluate the experimental implementation of cache coloring for task structures on the Linux kernel 2.4.x. We analyzed the behavior of the scheduler from the viewpoint of memory architecture and found that severe cache conflicts occur in a specific cache line. To solve this issue, we applied cache coloring scheme to task(More)
Performance analysis and troubleshooting of cloud applications are challenging. In particular, identifying the root causes of performance problems is quite difficult. This is because profiling tools based on processor performance counters do not yet work well for an entire virtualized environment, which is the underlying infrastructure in cloud computing.(More)
When metal plates (base metal) are joined each other by welding, the penetration depth in the joining part is one of factors to determine the mechanical strength, as shown in Fig.1. It is important to keep the penetration depth constant regardless of the variation of the gap between the metal plates. In order to directly observe it by using a TV camera,(More)
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