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National surveys of R&D labs across the manufacturing sectors in the US and Japan show that intraindustry R&D knowledge flows and spillovers are greater in Japan than in the US and the appropriability of rents due to innovation less. Patents in particular are observed to play a more central role in diffusing information across rivals in Japan, and appear to(More)
During a genome-wide screen with RNA-mediated interference, we isolated CG8580 as a gene involved in the innate immune response of Drosophila melanogaster. CG8580, which we called Akirin, encoded a protein that acted in parallel with the NF-κB transcription factor downstream of the Imd pathway and was required for defense against Gram-negative bacteria.(More)
During a genome-wide RNAi screen, we isolated CG8580 as a gene involved in the innate immune response of Drosophila. CG8580, which we named Akirin, acts in parallel with the NFκB transcription factor downstream of the Imd pathway and was required for defense against Gram-negative bacteria. Akirin is highly conserved and the human genome contains two(More)
The fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster is a good model to unravel the molecular mechanisms of innate immunity and has led to some important discoveries about the sensing and signaling of microbial infections. The response of Drosophila to virus infections remains poorly characterized and appears to involve two facets. On the one hand, RNA interference(More)
Double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) gene interference is an efficient method to silence gene expression in a sequence-specific manner. Here we show that the direct injection of dsRNA can be used in adult Drosophila flies to disrupt function of endogenous genes in vivo. As a proof of principle, we have used this method to silence components of a major signaling(More)
Fighting viral infections is hampered by the scarcity of viral targets and their variability, resulting in development of resistance. Viruses depend on cellular molecules-which are attractive alternative targets-for their life cycle, provided that they are dispensable for normal cell functions. Using the model organism Drosophila melanogaster, we identify(More)
The host defense of the model organism Drosophila is under the control of two major signaling cascades controlling transcription factors of the NF-B family, the Toll and the immune deficiency (IMD) pathways. The latter shares extensive similarities with the mammalian TNF-R pathway and was initially discovered for its role in anti-Gram-negative bacterial(More)
Merging similar programs is a promising solution to improve the maintainability of source code. Before merging programs, any syntactic difference has to be extracted as a new method. However, it is difficult for a developer to identify and extract differences from programs appropriately because he/she has to consider not only syntactic and semantic(More)
The corporate finance structure in Thailand has not served the country as well as it could. Many corporates’ financial structure was very fragile in 1997, which contributed to the depth and length of the financial crisis. In general, firms found themselves very exposed to the changes in economic environment following the financial crisis. Long term funds(More)
This paper studies the locational determinants of foreign direct investment (FDI) by Japanese manufacturing rms in seven Asian countries by utilizing the 1993 survey data. I show that di erent size-groups of rms react to di erent factors in the host country in making the foreign investment decisions. Low labor cost and su cient infrastructure encourage(More)