Akira Fujiwara

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We propose merged single-electron and MOS devices that serve as basic components of multiple-valued logic, such as a universal literal gate and a quantizer. We verified their operation by using single-electron transistors and MOSFETs fabricated on the same wafer by pattern-dependent oxidation process. We also discuss their application to an analog-todigital(More)
The single-electron device (SED) is drawing a lot of attention for future large-scale integration because of its low-power nature and small size. We have developed a novel method called pattern-dependent oxidation (PADOX) for fabricating small Si single-electron transistors (SETs) and used it to make many kinds of SEDs. One of the most primitive and(More)
The valley splitting, which lifts the degeneracy of the lowest two valley states in a SiO(2)/Si(100)/SiO(2) quantum well, is examined through transport measurements. We demonstrate that the valley splitting can be observed directly as a step in the conductance defining a boundary between valley-unpolarized and -polarized regions. This persists to well above(More)
Single-electron devices (SEDs) are attracting a lot of attention as devices for future large-scale integration because of their inherent low power and small size. It is well known that SEDs have to have small islands together with tunnel barriers at both ends, which makes it difficult to make them. We have developed a novel method of fabricating small Si(More)
The ultimate limit in the operation of an electronic device is the manipulation of a single charge. Such a limit has been achieved in single-electron tunnelling devices. However, these devices are based on multiple tunnel barriers and conductive islands, which are complex structures to fabricate. Here we demonstrate another type of device that can also(More)
Anomalous pressure dependent conductivity is revealed for heteroacene organic field-effect transistors of dinaphtho[2, 3-b:2', 3'-f]thieno[3, 2-b]thiophene single crystals in the direction of a and b crystallographic axes. In contrast to the normal characteristics of a monotonic increase in mobility μ with the application of external hydrostatic pressure P(More)
BACKGROUND Persistent postoperative pain has a significant relationship with patient health and satisfaction. OBJECTIVES To investigate the prevalence and association of neglect-like symptoms (NLS) and other psychological factors on postoperative pain in patients following total knee arthroplasty (TKA). NLS are defined as the loss of perception of the(More)
AIM To examine the current status and problems of resuscitation management in Japan as demonstrated at the 2006 and 2007 Osaka Senri medical rallies. METHODS Using manikins, the quality of resuscitation was evaluated in 33 teams that participated in the medical rallies. The challenge was to deliver defibrillation shocks for ventricular fibrillation; data(More)
The recessive black plumage mutation in the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) is controlled by an autosomal recessive gene (rb) and displays a blackish-brown phenotype in the recessive homozygous state (rb/rb). A similar black coat color phenotype in nonagouti mice is caused by an autosomal recessive mutation at the agouti locus. An allelism test showed(More)
In conventional computers, wiring between transistors is required to enable the execution of Boolean logic functions. This has resulted in processors in which billions of transistors are physically interconnected, which limits integration densities, gives rise to huge power consumption and restricts processing speeds. A method to eliminate wiring amongst(More)