Akira Fujita

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Carotenoids are the precursors of important fragrance compounds in flowers of Osmanthus fragrans Lour. var. aurantiacus, which exhibit the highest diversity of carotenoid-derived volatiles among the flowering plants investigated. A cDNA encoding a carotenoid cleavage enzyme, OfCCD1, was identified from transcripts isolated from flowers of O. fragrans Lour.(More)
Green algae are of great economic importance. Seaweed is consumed fresh or as seasoning in Japan. The commercial value is determined by quality, color, and flavor and is also strongly influenced by the production area. Our research, based on solid phase microextraction gas chromatography mass spectrometry (SPME-GC-MS), has revealed that volatile compounds(More)
The key odorants of Tahitian vanilla beans (Vanilla tahitensis) were characterized by a sensory evaluation, aroma extract dilution analysis (AEDA), quantification, and aroma reconstitution. Vanillin and anisaldehyde were identified in the same highest flavor dilution (FD) factor as the most characteristic odor-active compounds in Tahitian vanilla beans,(More)
The flavor-enhancing effects of the volatile constituents in celery were investigated. The test samples were prepared by adding celery fractions to chicken broth at a concentration that distinct odors of them were not detected, and the samples were sensorially evaluated for the perceived intensities of 8 terms such as "thick," "impactful," "mild,"(More)
We introduce the organization of the Todai Robot Project and discuss its achievements. The Todai Robot Project task focuses on benchmarking NLP systems for problem solving. This task encourages NLP-based systems to solve real high-school examinations. We describe the details of the method to manage question resources and their correct answers, answering(More)
This paper investigates multiple wheeled mobile manipulators coordinating with each other for a common task such as transporting a common object. In our previous work we derived kinematic and dynamic manipulability measures for multiple mobile manipulators transporting a common object and also developed a simulation environment. The main objective of this(More)
We developed and validated a new high-performance liquid chromatographic analysis for electrochemically detecting guaiacol and vanillin as important components in vanilla extract. Separation was achieved with Capcell Pak C-18 MG, the potential of the working electrode being set at +1000 mV. The respective calibration curves for guaiacol and vanillin were(More)
A lightweight, human-in-the-loop evaluation scheme for machine translation (MT) systems is proposed. It extrinsically evaluates MT systems using human subjects’ scores on second language ability test problems that are machine-translated to the subjects’ native language. A largescale experiment involving 320 subjects revealed that the context-unawareness of(More)
Yuzu ( Citrus junos Sieb. ex Tanaka), a tree-grown fruit similar to a kind of sour orange, is widely used in Japanese food/cooking for its pleasant flavor. To clarify the odor-active volatiles that differentiate yuzu from other citrus fruits, sensory evaluations were conducted on yuzu peel oil. The results revealed that the polar part of yuzu peel oil was(More)