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In order to meet the bandwidth requirements for the access network, many network operators nowadays have been rapidly expanding their fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) service area. In such an area, a passive double star (PDS) network, which shares one optical fiber with multiple subscribers by using a power splitter, is commonly deployed as an infrastructure for(More)
To meet the rapidly increasing demand for mobile data traffic, centralized-radio-access-network (C-RAN) has been attracting attention because C-RAN architecture is expected to enable operators to decrease the implementation cost of mobile access networks. There are two possible network topologies for realizing C-RAN architecture; one is tree topology and(More)
We demonstrate a long-reach wavelength-division-multiplexed passive optical network (WDM PON) operating at the symmetric rate of 10.3 Gb/s. For the cost-effectiveness, we realize the upstream transmission by utilizing directly-modulated TO-can packaged reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers (RSOAs) and digital coherent receivers. In addition, to(More)
The end-to-end QoS of streaming video on a joint metro and access network is investigated. SUCCESS DWA PON is a highly scalable broadband access network, which can bridge current TDM PON and future WDM PON smoothly and cost-effectively. The IEEE 802.17 Resilient Packet Ring is an emerging MAN standard that designs for efficient packet-based traffic(More)
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