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Podoplanin expression in human pleomorphic adenomas
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Comparative Study on FFE Activities Between Japanese and Korean NPD Project Success
This study shows the impact of fuzzy front end (FFE) phase during innovation process on new product development (NPD) project success in two East Asian countries—Korea and Japan was explored viaExpand
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Measurement and Simulation of Energy Consumption of Feed Drive Systems
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Molecular Structure and Dimerization of D-Cycloserine in the Solid State.
Abstract d-cycloserine (CS) is transformed into cis-3, 6-bis(aminooxymethyl)-2, 5-piperazinedione (CS-dimer) in the solid state under a humid atmosphere. This dimerization process was followed byExpand
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Vibrational Spectra of β-Lactams.I. : 2-Azetidinone and Its Isotopic Compounds.
The infrared and Raman spectra of 2-azetidinone and its 1-d, 3,3-d2, and 1,3,3-d3 and their 15N compounds have been recorded, and the observed bands have been assigned on the basis of the isotopeExpand
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IR Study on Aqueous Solution Behavior of D-Cycloserine.
Abstract IR spectra were measured for an antitubercular agent, D-cycloserine (CS), and the hydrolyzate, β-aminooxy-D-alanine (AOA) and the dimer, cis-3, 6-bis(aminooxymethyl)-2, 5-piperadinedioneExpand
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Keto-Enol Tautomerism and Vibrational Spectra of Phenylpyruvic Acids.
The spectral data indicate that these acids take the enol form in the solid state. The enol is predominant in organic media also. The IR strong band at 1620 cm -1 in the solid acids is not originatedExpand
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Polymorphism of Phenylpyruvic Acid Studied by IR, Raman and Solid State ^ C NMR Spectroscopy.
Abstract Polymorphs I and II of phenylpyruvic acid are obtained as mixtures of both crystal forms or relatively pure crystals, from different solvents. Polymorph I is more stable than polymorph II atExpand
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Vibrational Spectra of β-Lactams : II. 1-Methyl-2-azetidinone and Its Deuterated Compounds.
Abstract The i.r. and Raman spectra of 1-methyl-2-azetidinone and its 3,3- d 2 and methyl- d 3 compounds have been recorded, and the observed bands have been assigned on the basis of the isotopeExpand
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Crystal Structure of Phenolphthalein.
organic dyes by the vibrational spectroscopies.1 Our recent research interests have been focused on the inclusion phenomena of the phthalein dyes in various organic hosts. As a part of our study, theExpand
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