Akio Yasukawa

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Experimental anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction was carried out in a rabbit model, in which a chitin-coated polyester graft was used as the scaffold, and a noncoated graft was used as a control graft. After 8 weeks implantation, a mechanical test of the knee and histometric measurement of the graft and surrounding tissues were carried out. A(More)
The effect of low reactive-level laser therapy (LLLT) with a He-Ne laser on operative wound healing was investigated in a rat model. 10-millimeter surgical wounds were created on the backs of Sprague Dawley rats, and animals were assigned to one of eleven groups (n=5). Ten groups received either 8.5 mW or 17.0 mW irradiation of 15 seconds LLLT a day with(More)
Biological fixation or anchorage of fibrous materials to bone by bone ingrowth into the spaces between fibers is a major concern in developing novel medical implants, including artificial ligaments. Toward this end, we evaluated the efficacy of chitin/chitosan as a bone formation accelerator. Specimens of polyester nonwoven fabric coated with(More)
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