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In this paper, we propose a Small-World Cellular Neural Network (SWCNN) model, which is constructed by introducing some random couplings between cells to adding to the original Chua-Yang CNN. Applying this SWCNN model to some applications of image processing such as small object remover, edge detecttiom, etc. are investigated. We found from numerical(More)
In this paper, we develop a common cellular neural network framework for various adaptive nonlinear filters based on robust statistic and geometry-driven diffusion paradigms. The base models of both approaches are defined as difference-controlled nonlinear CNN templates while the self-adjusting property is ensured by simple analogic (analog and logic) CNN(More)
The present study investigated neural correlates of affect processing in allodynia patients (n=8) and healthy controls (n=12) with the aid of virtual tactile stimulation. Whole brain functional magnetic resonance imaging was performed for allodynia patients and healthy volunteers while they were shown a video demonstrating light stimulation of the palm and(More)
In this study, wave propagation phenomena of phase differences observed in van der Pol oscillators coupled by inductors as a ladder are investigated. The phenomena are called “phase waves.” We classify the observed phenomena and analyze the difference in detail. We observe that the behavior of the phase waves generated by giving a phase difference of(More)
In this study, we propose two types of coupled oscillators networks and investigate their steady states. One network has two-dimensional honeycomb structure. The other network has twedimensional lattice structure. In the Honeycomb circuit, adjacent three oscillators are coupled by one coupling resistor and it is considered that the voltages of three(More)
In this study, multimode chaos observed from two coupled chaotic oscillators with hard nonlinearities is investigated. At first, a simple chaotic oscillator with hard nonlinearities is realized. It is confirmed that in this chaotic oscillator the origin is always asymptotically stable and that the solution, which is excited by giving relatively large(More)