Akio Ushida

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For circuit designing, it is very important to calculate the dc operating points. It is known that if the circuit contains positive f e e d b a c k loops such as ip-BLOCKINop and negative r e s i stance circuits, it may happened to have m a n y dc solutions. It is very dicult to nd all of the solutions for these circuits. In this paper, we show a v ery(More)
In this study, multimode chaos observed from two coupled chaotic oscillators with hard nonlinearities is investigated. At first, a simple chaotic oscillator with hard nonlinearities is realized. It is confirmed that in this chaotic oscillator the origin is always asymptotically stable and that the solution, which is excited by giving relatively large(More)
Distortion analysis in the frequency domain is very important for designing the analog integrated circuits. We propose here a new method based on the SPICE-oriented harmonic balance method, where the Fourier transformations to the bipolar transistors and/or MOSFETs are carried out using new Fourier transfer circuit model. The circuit is composed of the(More)
High frequency digital LSIs usually consist of many sub-circuits coupled with multi-conductor interconnects embedded in the substrate. They sometimes cause serious problems of the fault switching operations due to the time-delays, crosstalks, reflections and so on. In order to solve these problems , it is very important to develop a user-friendly simu-lator(More)
The work is concerned with investigation of spatio-temporal phenomena on mutually coupled CNN array. Besides pattern formation and active wave propagation, we found that other interesting spatio-temporal phenomena such as phase-inversion-wave and classical waves can be also observed in the same network structure. In particular, we focus our discussion on(More)
The present study investigated neural correlates of affect processing in allodynia patients (n=8) and healthy controls (n=12) with the aid of virtual tactile stimulation. Whole brain functional magnetic resonance imaging was performed for allodynia patients and healthy volunteers while they were shown a video demonstrating light stimulation of the palm and(More)