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This paper describes a character generation method based on point correspondence between patterns. The number of training samples used in constructing a recognition dictionary strongly affects its recognition performance. Unfortunately, it’s so time-consuming to gather large new samples that it is more useful to generate new samples from a few original(More)
This paper proposes an automatic method of extracting the image of a vehicle moving along a straight road from a sequentialvideo image. The method has been designed to be independent of the type of vehicle and the background, and to obtain an image with minimum defective areas. The image of the vehicle is extracted by analyzing a locus in a spatio-temporal(More)
A system (Sketch Plan) is proposed that offers recognition of scanned floor plans (sketched by hand without use of rulers or other tools), and automatic conversion of walls, stairs, doors, and other architectural elements. Reported in the present paper are input conditions for the proposed system, an algorithm for recognition and interpretation of drawings,(More)