Akio Okazaki

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In this paper, a high-performance face recognition terminal for access control systems is described. The terminal is specially designed to acquire stable face patterns for reliable recognition. To determine design of an image input device, we evaluate similarity values and their changes for three types of lighting apparatuses. Our basic experiment indicates(More)
A method for spotting specific words in sign language video is proposed. In classes and talks given using Japanese Sign Language, words that do not have a defined sign, such as the names of people, objects, and places, are represented by sets of multiple characters from the Japanese finger alphabet. The difficulty of recognizing these words has created(More)
image memory access, such as an access to a region This paper describes a high speed raster-to-vector conversion technique which is applicable to many fields in drawing processing. The major feature of the proposed technique is that raster-to-vector conversion can be realized by one simple raster scanning process to an input image and by processings(More)
In this paper. we propose a method for detecting a human being using silhouette projection pattern matching, and present experimental results of its application in video surveillance systems. There are some studies on detecting intruders in video images by exuacting changing regions which follow moving targets. However, detection e m caused by small(More)
This paper proposes a new method for automatic fire detection in cities using image processing techniques. Images are obtained successively at regular intervals from monochrome TV cameras which are suitably fixed on roofs of tall buildings. Fire detection is camed out by identifying smoke in the daytime and fire flames at night. The major feature of the(More)
New latent chemically-cross-linked gel electrolyte precursors for quasi-solid dye sensitized solar cells (QDSC) are reported. The gel electrolyte precursors consist of nano-particles and dicarboxylic acids as the latent gelators. The viscosity of the precursor is low at first and does not increase during storage at room temperature. However, when the(More)
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