Akio Ohnuma

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In the sex-pheromone communication systems of moths, odorant receptor (Or) specificity as well as higher olfactory information processing in males should be finely tuned to the pheromone of conspecific females. Accordingly, male sex-pheromone preference should have diversified along with the diversification of female sex pheromones; however, the genetic(More)
  • Sakurai T, Mitsuno H, Haupt Ss, Uchino K, Yokohari F, Nishioka T Kobayashi +23 others
  • 2012
(2012) Construction of a brain-machine hybrid system to evaluate adaptability of an insect. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 60(5):692–699 6. Namiki S, Kanzaki R (2011) Heterogeneity in dendritic morphology of moth antennal lobe projection neurons. Use of bilateral information to determine the walking direction during orientation to a pheromone source in the(More)
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