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BACKGROUND To establish a treatment strategy for acute encephalopathy and encephalitis associated with influenza virus infection, the pathophysiology of the disease was investigated through manifestations and laboratory findings of patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS A child with central nervous system (CNS) complications during the course of influenza virus(More)
Ten patients with SSPE were surveyed during the last 4 years from the viewpoint of clinical safety for use of ribavirin therapy. Although effectiveness varied among cases, they were all treated safely with intraventricular ribavirin. This study suggests that treatment is safe and well-tolerated.
OBJECTIVE Although the pathogeneses of Alzheimer's disease (AD) and periodontal diseases have overlapping features, including ageing and chronic inflammation, the association between AD and periodontitis remains unclear. To explore the pathogenesis of periodontitis, a comprehensive gene expression/transcriptome analysis in periodontitis-affected gingival(More)
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