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The present paper predicts the silicon limit characteristics of IGBTs, and proposes a novel device structure to achieve the limit. Power MOSFETs have been greatly improved for DC-DC converter applications. It is shown that achieving higher efficiency in the converters necessitates the integration of power MOSFETs and the peripheral circuits in a single(More)
— This paper introduces a 10A 12V single chip digitally-controlled DC/DC converter IC based on the low cost 0.6um BiCD process. This IC includes the digital pulse width modulator (DPWM) module with the dead-time programmability. The average time resolution is 1.22ns at the clock frequency 25MHz on 0.6um process. This resolution is as same as that for the(More)
The present paper proposes a new ultra low on-resistance trench MOSFET. The proposed device is characterized by the narrow high resistance n-epi layer between the two trench gates and the thin n-drift layer, which lies between the trench bottom and the n+ substrate. The high resistance n-epi between the trenches is always depleted because of the built-in(More)
Primary cell cultures are useful for studying the function of neurons in a simplified and controlled environment. We established a primary culture of antennal cells from pupal blowflies in order to investigate olfactory receptor neurons. In cultures, neuron-like cells were identified on the basis of morphology and immunocytochemical characterization with(More)
Histopathological analyses of red crown rot (RCR) of soybean were performed using field-grown and indoor-grown soybean plants. These analyses revealed that soybean plants formed a periderm to prevent pathogen invasion. When a break formed in the periderm, an additional periderm newly differentiated into the inner cells and prevented pathogen invasion. If(More)
We developed an improved procedure for quantitative isolation of Calonectria ilicicola from naturally infested soils. The selective medium contained 20 g l-sorbose, 4 g yeast extract, 12.5 mg flutolanil, 1.5 mg thiabendazole, 40 mg chlortetracycline hydrochloride, 10 mg chloramphenicol, 1 mL tergitol, 20 g agar, and up to 1 L with distilled water. Soil(More)
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