Akio Kashimoto

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A new O/W (oil-in-water) emulsification system was developed using the amphiphilic polymer HHM-HEC (hydrophobically-hydrophilically modified hydroxyethylcellulose) and a lipophilic surfactant. HHM-HEC was used as a thickener and polymeric surfactant, and the addition of small quantities of various types of nonionic lipophilic surfactant(More)
The thickening properties of aqueous solutions of HHM-HEC (hydrophobically-hydrophilically modified hydroxyethylcellulose) and the emulsification mechanisms of HHM-HEC/water/oil systems were investigated. A dramatic increase in viscosity was observed with increased HHM-HEC concentration in water, caused by aggregation of hydrophobic alkyl chains. At higher(More)
In this paper we proposed a new approach called generalized N-dimensional principal component analysis (GND-PCA) for statistical appearance modeling of facial images with multiple modes including different people, different pose and different illumination. The facial images with multiple modes can be considered as high-dimensional data. GND-PCA can be used(More)
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