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Resonantly pumped Er(3+):Sc(2)O(3) laser operation is achieved with a quantum defect (QD) of 1.5% at liquid nitrogen temperature. The laser, in-line pumped at 1535 nm, operated at 1558 nm with a slope efficiency of over 45%. This is believed to be the lowest QD eye-safe laser ever reported. CW output of over 3.3 W was obtained in this first experiment.
The thermal-birefringence effect in Nd(3+) -doped YAG ceramics has been investigated. The amount of depolarization induced by thermal birefringence in Nd:YAG ceramics is nearly the same as that in (111)-cut single crystals at the same Nd(3+) concentration. However, depolarization becomes larger as the Nd(3+) concentration increases, even at the same(More)
We report what is believed to be the first laser operation based on Ho3+-doped Y2O3. The Ho3+:Y2O3 ceramic was resonantly diode-pumped at ~1.93 µm to produce up to 2.5 W of continuous wave (CW) output power at ~2.12 µm. The laser had a slope efficiency of ~35% with respect to absorbed power and a beam propagation factor of M2 ~1.1. We have measured the(More)
We report the first demonstration of polycrystalline, Nd-doped YAG ceramics with almost perfect pore-free structure and Nd-doped single crystal by advanced ceramic processing. We obtain optical slope efficiencies of 57% with these microchip ceramics lasers.
We have proposed an optical design by tailoring a spectral profile in a ceramic composite of layer-by-layer type Nd:Y<sub>3</sub>Al<sub>5</sub>O<sub>12</sub>/Nd:Y<sub>3</sub>ScAl<sub>4</sub>O<sub>12</sub>. The composite ceramics with enough optical properties to amplify the stimulated emission were fabricated by the sintering method with solid state(More)
In this work, we fabricated the all-ceramic composite with layer-by-layer of Nd:Y/sub 3/ScAl/sub 4/O/sub 12/ (YSAG) and Nd:Y/sub 3/Al/sub 5/O/sub 12/ (YAG). We found that the tuning of the pumping wavelength made the spectral profile of fluorescence from the composite ceramics more even than that from single-layered Nd:Y/sub 3/Sc/sub x/Al/sub 5-x/O/sub 12/(More)