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Primary tumors of the seminal vesicles are rare neoplasms; there have been only 69 accepted cases. The histologic features are usually adenocarcinoma; however, there are rarely reported epithelial stromal tumors of the seminal vesicles. We report a case of a 70-year-old man with an epithelial stromal tumor of the seminal vesicle who presented without(More)
BACKGROUND Cellular cardiomyoplasty for myocardial infarction has been developed using various cell types. However, complete differentiation and/or trans-differentiation into cardiomyocytes have never occurred in these transplant studies, whereas functional contributions were reported. METHODS AND RESULTS Skeletal muscle interstitium-derived(More)
We determined the bone density and mechanical properties of bone specimens from 5 groups of aged mice, which had been subjected to voluntary exercise at different ages. ICR 10-week-old female mice were divided into control (C), and exercise-trained during age periods of 10-70 weeks (EE), 10-30 weeks (GPE), 30-50 weeks (MPE) and 50-70 weeks (APE). It was(More)
The differentiation potential of skeletal muscle-derived stem cells (MDSCs) after in vitro culture and in vivo transplantation has been extensively studied. However, the clonal multipotency of MDSCs has yet to be fully determined. Here, we show that single skeletal muscle-derived CD34-/CD45- (skeletal muscle-derived double negative [Sk-DN]) cells exhibit(More)
In order to hold non-adhesive type cells while maintaining cellular interactions and various autocrine/paracrine factors, a micro 3D culture system using Hyaluronan (HA)-type I collagen capsules was investigated as a possible scaffold for cell transplantation. Skeletal muscle-derived enzymatically extracted cells, which include numerous non-adhesive type(More)
BACKGROUND.: Postoperative neurogenic bladder dysfunction is a major complication of radical hysterectomy for cervical cancer and is mainly caused by unavoidable damage to the bladder branch of the pelvic plexus (BBPP) associated with colateral blood vessels. Thus, we attempted to reconstitute disrupted BBPP and blood vessels using skeletal muscle-derived(More)
BACKGROUND Postoperative damage of the urethral rhabdosphincter (URS) and neurovascular bundle (NVB) is a major operative complication of radical prostatectomy. It is generally recognized to be caused by unavoidable surgical damage to the muscle-nerve-blood vessel units around the urethra. We attempted to treat this damage using skeletal muscle-derived stem(More)
BACKGROUND Three-dimensional (3D) imaging systems have been introduced worldwide for surgical instrumentation. A difficulty of laparoscopic surgery involves converting two-dimensional (2D) images into 3D images and depth perception rearrangement. 3D imaging may remove the need for depth perception rearrangement and therefore have clinical benefits. (More)
OBJECTIVE To clarify the seasonal differences of the trace element excretion in sweat, the trace element concentration in sweat and their loss during exercise were compared between summer and winter. METHODS Sweat samples were collected from ten healthy adult males. Bicycle ergometer exercise was conducted by each subject at a heart rate of 140 beats/min(More)
Trace elements in sweat during sauna bathing were assessed. Sweat collected by the whole body method was compared with that collected by the arm bag method. The sweat samples were collected from ten healthy male adults aged 22-26 years, by heat exposure in dry sauna bathing (60 degrees C, 30 minutes). Concentrations of major (Na, Cl, K, Ca, P and Mg) and(More)