Akio Higashi

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At the Hyogo Ion Beam Medical Center (HIBMC) we have developed a new design method for the bar ridge filter used in proton therapy, taking into consideration the scattering and nuclear interaction effects within the filter itself, which are introduced in the design. In our beam delivery system, the bar ridge filter is employed as the range modulator. It is(More)
In heavy-ion radiotherapy, an accelerated beam is modified to realize a desired dose distribution in patients. The setup of the beam-modifying devices in the irradiation system is changed according to the patient, and it is important to check the depth dose distributions in the patient. In order to measure dose distributions realized by an irradiation(More)
The precise conversion of CT numbers to their electron densities is essential in treatment planning for hadron therapy. Although some conversion methods have already been proposed, it is hard to check the conversion accuracy during practical therapy. We have estimated the CT numbers of real tissues by a calculational method established by Mustafa and(More)
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