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OBJECTIVE Chronic pain conditions such as phantom limb pain and complex regional pain syndrome are difficult to treat, and traditional pharmacological treatment and invasive neural block are not always effective. Plasticity in the central nervous system occurs in these conditions and may be associated with pain. Mirror visual feedback therapy aims to(More)
Spherical motors have been studied widely because they have several advantageous features and are applicable to driving mechanisms of holonomic mobile robots, joints of robots, and so on. This study develops a 14-12 spherical motor and evaluates cogging torque and rotation torque for the rotation around one of two kinds of rotation axes. This paper(More)
A snake robot would be applied to a machine that goes into a narrow space to investigate the inside of a structure. Recently, multiple locomotion modes of snake robots have been realized. In the previous study, we also achieved some kind of locomotion modes such as undulatory locomotion mode, sidewinding locomotion mode, lateral rolling locomotion mode and(More)
Recently, multiple locomotion gaits of snake have been realized by snake robots. However, previous locomotion gaits are mainly limited on two-dimensional plane. In this study, we make a snake robot that can move in three-dimensional space by connecting several units serially. The each unit is composed by assembling one pitch axis and one yaw axis, and it(More)
This paper introduces a novel camera attachment for measuring the illumination color spatially in the scene. The illumination color is then used to transform color appearance in the image into that under white light. The main idea is that the scene inter-reflection through a reference camera-attached surface “Nose” can, under some conditions, represent the(More)
In this paper, we consider multi-agent system in which every agents have own tasks that differs each other. We propose a method that decreases learning time of reinforcement learning by using the model of environment. In the proposed algorithm, the model is created by sharing the experiences of agents each other. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the(More)
When an operator teleoperates a rescue robot, it is necessary for the operator to understand the relationship between the robot and its environment while indirect-vision driving. A LRF (Laser Range Finder) installed on a rotating stage is often used for scanning the environment in order to give the operator spatial information, while there is a tradeoff(More)