Akio Fujiyoshi

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In this paper, we introduce tactile graphics production software for three-dimensional projections. A blind person can use this software without assistance from the sighted and produce tactile graphics of three-dimensional projections. With this software, we want to study the limitation of tactile recognition of projections and improve the guidelines of(More)
This paper proposes the use of a formal grammar for the verification of mathematical formulae for a practical mathematical OCR system. Like a C compiler detecting syntax errors in a source file, we want to have a verification mechanism to find errors in the output of mathematical OCR. Linear monadic context-free tree grammar (LM-CFTG) was employed as a(More)
This paper presents a ground-truthed dataset of chemical structure images in Japanese published patent applications. The ground-truthed dataset of 5576 chemical images was made in the following manner. First, the graphical structure of chemical images was recognized by a chemical structure recognition software program developed by our group. Then, with a(More)