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The mechanical properties of metal materials largely depend on their intrinsic internal microstructures. To develop engineering materials with the expected properties, predicting patterns in solidified metals would be indispensable. The phase-field simulation is the most powerful method known to simulate the micro-scale dendritic growth during(More)
Limb bones deform during locomotion and can resist the deformations by adjusting their shapes. For example, a tubular-shaped diaphysis best resists variably-oriented deformations. As behavioral profiles change during adulthood, patterns of bone deformation may exhibit age trends. Habitat characteristics, e.g., annual rainfall, tree density, and elevation(More)
Mechanical properties of metallic materials like steel depend on the solidification process. In order to study the morphology of the microstructure in the materials, the phase-field model derived from the non-equilibrium statistical physics is applied and the interface dynamics is solved by GPU computing. Since very high performance is required,(More)
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