Akinori Suzuki

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Efficient plant breeding methods must be developed in order to increase yields and feed a growing world population, as well as to meet the demands of consumers with diverse preferences who require high-quality foods. We propose a strategy that integrates breeding simulations and phenotype prediction models using genomic information. The validity of this(More)
Inhibitory PAS domain protein (IPAS), a repressor of hypoxia-inducible factor-dependent transcription under hypoxia, was found to exert pro-apoptotic activity in oxidative stress-induced cell death. However, physiological and pathological processes associated with this activity are not known. Here we show that IPAS is a key molecule involved in neuronal(More)
In recent years, a lot of location estimation methods using wireless LAN signals have been proposed with the spread of wireless LANs. A location estimation by Fingerprint using Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is effective in terms of cost because it can be estimated by using existing infrastructures. However, it has a problem that the estimation(More)
Recording single neuron activity from a specific brain region across multiple trials in response to the same stimulus or execution of the same behavioral task is a common neurophysiology protocol. The raster plots of the spike trains often show strong between-trial and within-trial dynamics, yet the standard analysis of these data with the peristimulus time(More)
A cDNA encoding a novel heptahelical receptor from the prothoracic glands of the silkworm, Bombyx mori was cloned and sequenced during screening of a prothoracicotropic hormone (PTTH) receptor. Orthologs of this receptor are found not only in insects, but also in the vertebrates. In B. mori, ubiquitous expression of the mRNA was observed in the larva. Also,(More)
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