Akinori Suzuki

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Efficient plant breeding methods must be developed in order to increase yields and feed a growing world population, as well as to meet the demands of consumers with diverse preferences who require high-quality foods. We propose a strategy that integrates breeding simulations and phenotype prediction models using genomic information. The validity of this(More)
In recent years, a lot of location estimation methods using wireless LAN signals have been proposed with the spread of wireless LANs. A location estimation by Fingerprint using Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) is effective in terms of cost because it can be estimated by using existing infrastructures. However, it has a problem that the estimation(More)
Recording single neuron activity from a specific brain region across multiple trials in response to the same stimulus or execution of the same behavioral task is a common neurophysiology protocol. The raster plots of the spike trains often show strong between-trial and within-trial dynamics, yet the standard analysis of these data with the peristimulus time(More)
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