Akinori Mochizuki

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The hypotensive effect of nifedipine (a Ca2+-antagonist) was studied in acute tests and during the long-term administration of the drug together with propranolol. Nifedipine (10 mg, sublingually) decreased blood pressure from 174/102 to 136/82 mmHg with increase in heart rate and plasma renin activity. The combination of nifedipine (10 mg, sublingually) and(More)
BACKGROUND Basogranulin, the novel basophil granule protein recognized by the monoclonal antibody BB1, can be released by stimulation with anti-IgE antibody or calcium ionophore. However, the kinetics and regulation of its secretion are unknown. OBJECTIVE We quantified basogranulin and histamine release in response to a range of stimuli to assess whether(More)
To clarify the differences in response of blood pressure (BP) in the normotensives and the hypertensives (n = 30, 40 +/- 9 years, 142 +/- 17/91 +/- 14 mmHg, mean +/- SD), the subjects were divided into normotensives (N) (n = 13, 34 +/- 5 years, 114 +/- 6/72 +/- 8 mmHg), prehypertensives (n = 8, 38 +/- 11 years, 125 +/- 6/80 +/- 3 mmHg), borderlines (n = 13,(More)
Development of tension in aortic helical strips was studied using the male Kyoto Wistar normotensive (KNR) and age-, sex-matched spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) (8 to 10 weeks) to clarify the contractile response of vascular smooth muscle in SHR. In Ca2+-containing solution, noradrenaline-induced tension was smaller in SHR than in KNR. After washing(More)
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