Akinori Minazuki

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In this chapter, authors propose a new method for improving detection probabilities of the defect inspection in quality control on the FRP product surface. The proposed method has improved the detection probabilities by using the joint probabilities of dual attributes with correlation for multiple perceptions. In order to obtain the improving detection(More)
The ambulance service, the rapidity and the usefulness of the HEMS are rated highly, and it is also effective in reducing regional medical service differences which have occurred in recent years. The captain flies without using visual assistance to keep some distance between the helicopter and clouds or obstacles. Under the present conditions, the CS and(More)
Using an innovative approach for advertising on knowledge based society, we proposed a new image representation about the out of home (OOH) media. It has been the utilization of reverse perspective illusion by painted three-dimensional objects with realistic image that assembled two-dimensional objects like craft papers. Recently, an expertise of using(More)
In recent years, systematic knowledge-creation is being watched in medical fields, and knowledge creation is successfully being adopted to improve clinical pathways and electronic medical charts. It is possible to provide more efficient and effective medical service with the sharing and use of information or knowledge in all medical organizations, though(More)
Most of the students who present their studies at student sessions are taking the science course, but in recent years students in the humanity course are also presenting the studies at information process society. Most of the students who present the studies at an academic society belong to organizations which specialize in the studies - seminars, and(More)
When a person arrives at knowledge-creation by a sequence of knowledge conversion that who finds Knowledge from Information, Information from Data, a group may undergo knowledge-conversion similar to a person, too. On the other hand, knowledge-creation process may be complexed by the knowledge-creation, resulted from individual knowledge of group member, in(More)