Akinori Minazuki

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In this chapter, authors propose a new method for improving detection probabilities of the defect inspection in quality control on the FRP product surface. The proposed method has improved the detection probabilities by using the joint probabilities of dual attributes with correlation for multiple perceptions. In order to obtain the improving detection(More)
INTRODUCTION IMAGE communication technology progressions create new image information media environment. Components of image information media environment are roughly divided into three factors (Hayashi & Minazuki, 2010). They are media factor, audiovisual environment factor, viewing audience factor. Media factor has effect by producers or contents.(More)
In the helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS), the captain flies without using visual assistance to keep some distance between the helicopter and clouds or obstacles. Under the present conditions, the communication specialist (CS) and the captain of HEMS contact each other and select the safest flight path. With the increase in future requests,(More)
Hand hygiene is effective way of prevention of infectious disease such as influenza. The practice of hand hygiene is performed using an alcohol-based hand rub or by washing the hands with soap and water. However, even health care workers' hand hygiene compliance rate is lower. Hand hygiene is important not only health care workers, even the common man.(More)
The existing search engine system almost based on keywords from users inputting. In a network environment, people can make use of the pc or mobile device for information retrieval. The way of inputting keywords has lasted for more than 20 years until Siri appeared in 2011. Siri can do information retrieval and process by voice actions. Compared to the(More)
After programming test we usually use demerit point system. However, there is a possibility that the number of mistakes in the reply and for programming skills are not necessarily correspond and right assessment is not get. Then we developed trial product to evaluate students programming skill exactly. That product is named PEAS system. We analyzed examinee(More)
Using an innovative approach for advertising on knowledge based society, we proposed a new image representation about the out of home (OOH) media. It has been the utilization of reverse perspective illusion by painted three-dimensional objects with realistic image that assembled two-dimensional objects like craft papers. Recently, an expertise of using(More)