Akinori Minazuki

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In the helicopter emergency medical service (HEMS), the captain flies without using visual assistance to keep some distance between the helicopter and clouds or obstacles. Under the present conditions, the communication specialist (CS) and the captain of HEMS contact each other and select the safest flight path. With the increase in future requests,(More)
After programming test we usually use demerit point system. However, there is a possibility that the number of mistakes in the reply and for programming skills are not necessarily correspond and right assessment is not get. Then we developed trial product to evaluate students programming skill exactly. That product is named PEAS system. We analyzed examinee(More)
With the spread of the Internet, a wide variety of businesses have been established that employ information technology (IT). These businesses are supported by specialist IT engineers, and so a great number of enterprises require their service. In addition, the number of institutions that train information processing engineers is increasing to meet the(More)
Kushiro city general hospital and Kojinkai Memorial Hospital started EMS Project on 5 October 2009. It had worked 14 times on 26 November, and save a lot of lives. The EMS helicopter plays an important role of regional differences in medication. The EMS operate three institutions ???an Aviation Organization, a Medical Organization and a Fire Organization.(More)
In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of patients suffering from mood disorders such as manic depression, reaching 1.04 million in 2008. In our modern society, with its multitude of stressors that we encounter on a daily basis, we develop a high risk of developing such disorders, which have come to be known as emodern-day(More)
The existing search engine system almost based on keywords from users inputting. In a network environment, people can make use of the pc or mobile device for information retrieval. The way of inputting keywords has lasted for more than 20 years until Siri appeared in 2011. Siri can do information retrieval and process by voice actions. Compared to the(More)
In recent years, systematic knowledge-creation is being watched in medical fields, and knowledge creation is successfully being adopted to improve clinical pathways and electronic medical charts. It is possible to provide more efficient and effective medical service with the sharing and use of information or knowledge in all medical organizations, though(More)
Using an innovative approach for advertising on knowledge based society, we proposed a new image representation about the out of home (OOH) media. It has been the utilization of reverse perspective illusion by painted three-dimensional objects with realistic image that assembled two-dimensional objects like craft papers. Recently, an expertise of using(More)