Akinobu Teramoto

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We develop a high-speed method to extract time constants and noise amplitude of random telegraph noise (RTN). We investigate distributions of these RTN parameters for more than 270 n- and p-MOSFETs and clarify spectroscopy of traps causing RTN. Most of traps are distributed in an energy range of 220 meV, and mean times to capture/emission are measured in a(More)
We discuss the measurement accuracy of the test circuit, which can evaluate statistical characteristics of gate leakage current of small area metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) in a very short time. The accuracy and precision of the gate leakage current obtained by the test circuit are verified for a wide range. As a result it is(More)
Recently, magnetic composites consisting of magnetic particles dispersed in a polymer matrix have been widely discussed for miniaturizing high-frequency electronic components such as antennae. Previously, we investigated the influence of the manufacturing process on the homogeneous dispersion of magnetic particles in the polymer and on the magnetic(More)
Using a large-scale array test circuit, both static characteristics and random telegraph noise (RTN) of in-pixel source follower equivalent transistors of a CMOS image sensor with buried and surface channel transistor structures were statistically evaluated under various current and body bias conditions. The distribution of noise intensities at various(More)
A study of the impact of the channel direction over the effective mobility and the 1/f noise in MOSFETs fabricated on (100) and (110) silicon-oriented wafers finding its outcome in the fabrication of future nonplanar device structures has been done. We found that, apart from a slight enhancement of the effective mobility maximum for the p-MOSFETs with a(More)
The correlation between multiple traps in Random Telegraph Noise (RTN) were evaluated by using Time-Lag-Plot (TLP). The correlations between multiple traps were evaluated by transition paths on the TLP and there are two types of RTN. In the 1<sup>st</sup> case, multiple traps are independent from each other and in the second case the multiple traps have the(More)
In this work, we investigated random telegraph signal (RTS) amplitude and the probability of trap empty along two different drain current directions for various gate lengths using novel test structures which enable to measure RTS in large numbers. Asymmetry of RTS amplitude along source-drain current direction increases as gate length shortens because a(More)
Using the developed array test circuit, both static and temporal electrical characteristics of over million transistors/shot were measured with the accuracy of 60 &#x03BC;Vrms to analyze and reduce random telegraph noise (RTN) toward high S/N CMOS image sensors. Statistical evaluation results of RTN parameters such as time constants and amplitude and their(More)
A circuit level methodology for predicting performance degradations due to negative bias temperature stress is developed in this paper. Degradation mechanism is discussed based on experimental observations. Then, models that consist of a threshold voltage shift and a drain current reduction are developed based on the degradation mechanism. The developed(More)