Akinobu Shibata

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It is commonly accepted that twinning can induce an increase of strain-hardening rate during the tensile process of face-centered cubic (FCC) metals and alloys with low stacking fault energy (SFE). In this study, we explored the grain size effect on the strain-hardening behavior of a Cu-15 at.%Al alloy with low SFE. Instead of twinning, we detected a(More)
Dynamic recrystallization (DRX) is an important grain refinement mechanism to fabricate steels with high strength and high ductility (toughness). The conventional DRX mechanism has reached the limitation of refining grains to several microns even though employing high-strain deformation. Here we show a DRX phenomenon occurring in the dynamically transformed(More)
This study investigated the microstructures of pearlite and martensite transformed from ultrafine-grained austenite in 0.45C steel and Vadded 0.45C steel. The mean prior austenite grain sizes were refined to be 4.5 μm in the 0.45C specimen and 2.4 μm in the V-added 0.45C specimen through cyclic heat treatment of austenitizing and water quenching, i.e.,(More)
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