Akinobu Maejima

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The need to rapidly create 3D human head models is still an important issue in game and film production. Blanz et al have developed a morphable model which can semi-automatically reconstruct the facial appearance (3D shape and texture) and simulated hairstyles of "new" faces (faces not yet scanned into an existing database) using photographs taken from the(More)
We propose a method for estimating the degree of a driver's drowsiness on the basis of changes in facial expressions captured by an IR camera. Typically, drowsiness is accompanied by drooping eyelids. Therefore, most related studies have focused on tracking eyelid movement by monitoring facial feature points. However, the drowsiness feature emerges not only(More)
In recent years, the rate of fatal motor vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving resulting from factors such as sleeping at the wheel has been increasing. Therefore, an alert system that detects driver drowsiness and prevents accidents as a result by warning drivers before they fall asleep is urgently required. Non-contact measuring systems using(More)