Akino Wakasugi

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The effects of seven lignans and two neolignans derived from plants and herbs on the concanavalin A-induced proliferation of human peripheral blood lymphocytes in vitro were studied. All compounds showed inhibitory activity with an IC50, ranging from 0.02 to 4.30 micrograms/ml (1.6 x 10(-8) to 1.6 x 10(-5) M). Machilin A(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the process of repair in the epithelial cells and the reconstruction in lens fibers of a mouse lens that has developed opacity because of a large-scale perforating injury. METHODS Lenses of 4-week-old mice were perforated with a needle through the cornea to induce the development of traumatic cataracts. Over the period from the(More)
PURPOSE To examine the response of the lens to varying sizes of perforating injury. METHODS Four-week-old mice were used. Injuries consisted of pricking in the central region of the lens by transcorneal insertion of needles of two different sizes. After injury, the eyeballs were removed sequentially at various intervals up to 30 days and examined(More)
PURPOSE To clarify the morphological changes in the rat lens after irradiation with continuous low doses of x-ray at different intervals. METHODS Male Wistar rats at the age of 8 weeks were irradiated with three doses of 2 Gy at intervals of either 1 week or 1 day. Over the period from the first week to the eighth week after irradiation, the eyeballs of(More)
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