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Ferroic materials (ferromagnetic, ferroelectric, ferroelastic) usually divide into domains with different orientations of their order parameter. Coupling between different ferroic systems creates new functionalities, for instance the electrical control of macroscopic magnetic properties including magnetization and coercive field. Here we show that(More)
Magnetic doping is expected to open a band gap at the Dirac point of topological insulators by breaking time-reversal symmetry and to enable novel topological phases. Epitaxial (Bi(1-x)Mn(x))2Se3 is a prototypical magnetic topological insulator with a pronounced surface band gap of ∼100 meV. We show that this gap is neither due to ferromagnetic order in the(More)
Low-field magnetotransport measurements of topological insulators such as Bi2Se3 are important for revealing the nature of topological surface states by quantum corrections to the conductivity, such as weak-antilocalization. Recently, a rich variety of high-field magnetotransport properties in the regime of high electron densities (∼10(19) cm(-3)) were(More)
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