Akimune Oh

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To obtain information regarding the immunologic capacity of uninvolved regional lymph nodes (RLNs) draining tumor, the in vitro response of regional lymph node cells (RLNCs) to PHA was investigated in lymph nodes from 55 patients with gastric or colorectal cancer, and gastric ulcer. Evaluation of data relative to cancer progress demonstrated that, in(More)
Leucocytes from patients with gastric cancer and other malignant and non-malignant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract as well as from healthy controls were tested for leucocyte migration inhibition test (LMI) using five different, allogeneic 3M KCl soluble extracts from gastric cancer tissues. The normal range of migration index (MI) was considered to(More)
To clarify the significance of immunoreactive carcinoembryonic antigen in gastric juice (gastric CEA) from gastric cancer patients, we studied the gastric CEA in comparison with cancer progress, histologic types of tumors, staining, for CEA and extent of intestinal metaplasia. The gastric CEA levels from patients with other gastric diseases, i.e., gastric(More)
Leucocyte migration inhibition test (LMIT) is a useful method to detect tumor associated antigens (TAA) in cancer patients. Carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) is one of the best tumor markers for gastrointestinal cancer, and especially for colorectal cancer patients, who show high plasma CEA level frequently. In this study, we performedLMIT in 71 colorectal(More)
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