Akimichi Hirota

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Skin surface blood flow at the fingertips was measured in a 21-year-old woman during sleep using laser Doppler flowmetry. Skin blood flow responses (SBFR) are transient reductions in skin blood flow of about 25s in duration. In our subject, SBFR showed a delay time of 8-9s from the onset of skin potential responses (SPR) and appeared more consistently than(More)
Purpose We evaluated the clinical efficacy of 0.005% PbXA41, a new phenyl-substituted prostaglandin Fza-isopropyl ester analogue, in primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) and ocular hypertension (OH) patients. We also investigated the effect of PhXA41 on diurnal and noctomal IOP changes in normal volunteers. Methods 1) A multicentral randomized, double-masked(More)
  • A Hirota
  • 1992
The present study investigated the effects of meaning information on psychophysiological responses during imagery. Eighteen undergraduates were divided into arousal and relaxation groups, which were then given arousal-meaning- and relaxation-meaning-oriented trainings, respectively. After the training, the subjects were given the imagery test, and(More)
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