Akimasa Otsuka

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A cast metal is generally produced by using a sand mold. A foamed polystyrene mold is used as the master mold for making the corresponding sand mold. Recently, the development of a flexible machining robot for foamed polystyrene materials is expected in the cast metal industries because of the high cost and inefficiency of conventional large-sized CNC(More)
Until now, we have established the multi mobile robot system based on the wireless communication and subsumption architecture. In this system, a command is decided in the supervisory server based on subsumption architecture. The server transmits a command packet to each mobile robot by wireless communication. Each mobile robot moves based on the command(More)
This chapter first describes the robotic CAM system proposed from the viewpoint of robotic servo controller for an industrial robot RV1A. Then, a reverse post-processor is proposed for the robotic CAM system to online generate the original CL data from the NC data post-processed for a five-axis NC machine tool with a tilting head. Next, an application of(More)
In this paper, a unique multiple mobile robots system is proposed to enable students or mechanical engineers to efficiently learn a subsumption architecture for swarm intelligence. The subsumption architecture is known as one of the behaviour-based artificial intelligences. Each of multiple mobile robots has three wheels driven by DC motors and six PSD(More)
Recently, process capabilities for machining and measurement in manufacturing industries have been increasing in response to customer demand for improved product performance, and these requirements will continue to grow as technology advances. To satisfy this consumer demand, we have studied a tolerance method using statistical tolerance indices to specify(More)
In this paper, viewer and converter softwares are presented for smart machining process using an industrial robot. The viewers for NC, CLS, DXF and STL files illustrate their surface representation with normal direction vectors. For example, the DXF is a data format developed by Autodesk to realize data interoperability among different makers’ CAD systems.(More)
Industrial robots with an open architecture have been applied to several tasks such as machining, sanding, polishing and so on. The open architecture allows system engineers to realize desirable teachingless operation. However, transplantation of an application software to other makers' industrial robots is not easy even though having an open architecture,(More)
There are two serious requirements to machining systems used in manufacturing industries. They are machining quality and efficiency. In this paper, a vibrational motion control is proposed for an endmill attached to the tip of a machining robot to suppress the occurrence of undesirable cusp marks. In addition, the calculation of radius of curvature along(More)