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We present our monitoring and decision framework for collaborative engineering for globally distributed operation, support, maintenance, and services for industrial automation. The framework provides relevant information to plant operators, engineers, staff and stakeholders to support the handling of incidents, based on semantically-appropriate factors such(More)
This paper presents a new hand geometry based human verification technique which is efficient, simple, fast, easy to handle and cost effective compared to other verification techniques. Hand geometry is a popular biometric type in verification process. This hand geometry based verification comprises of two main attributes, (1) feature extraction by image(More)
  • Akilur Rahman
  • 2015
Real-time control systems software running in a chemical, refinery, steel plant or in electric power grid is complex. The system has to run reliability for several years without interruptions with availability close to 100%, deterministic response time in milliseconds, sometimes in microseconds, and be secure against increasing cyber threats. Increasing(More)
This paper presents the design and development of a 16-bit smart card for automated toll collection at Jamuna multipurpose bridge in Bangladesh. Since it is simpler and faster than the traditional token based ticket system, it has all the potential to replace the existing system. Moreover, it saves userspsila valuable time by reducing the queue length in(More)
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