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Bio-fuel cells are alternative energy devises based on bio-electrocatalysis of natural substrates by enzymes or microorganisms. Here we review bio-fuel cells and bio-batteries based on the recent literature. In general, the bio-fuel cells are classified based on the type of electron transfer; mediated electron transfer and direct electron transfer or(More)
The recent technological advancements of the Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) fabrication technology is gaining momentum as a low cost and simple fabrication technology to convert solar energy into electric energy. A systematic study of the DSSC fabrication procedure and its influence on the cell efficiency are presented in this paper. Preparation of the(More)
The efficient localization of increased levels of active enzymes onto conducting scaffolds is important for the development of enzyme-based biofuel cells. Cross-linked enzyme clusters (CEC) of glucose oxidase (GOx) constrained to functionalized carbon nanotubes (CEC-CNTs) were generated in order to evaluate the potential of using CECs for developing(More)
This paper presents a detailed noise analysis and noise-based optimization procedure for resonant MEMS structures. A design for high sensitivity of MEMS structures needs to take into account the noise shaping induced by damping phenomena at micro scale. The extraction of a behavioral model of the solid gas interaction is obtained by matching the FEA(More)
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