Akila Kannan

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Bio-fuel cells are alternative energy devises based on bio-electrocatalysis of natural substrates by enzymes or microorganisms. Here we review bio-fuel cells and bio-batteries based on the recent literature. In general, the bio-fuel cells are classified based on the type of electron transfer; mediated electron transfer and direct electron transfer or(More)
Various biologically inspired flow field designs of the gas distributor (interconnector) have been designed and simulated. Their performance using Nafion-212 with humidified H 2 and Air at 80 o C with the ANSYS Fluent Fuel Cell module software was evaluated. Novel interdigitated designs were optimized by obeying biologically inspired branching rules. These(More)
Keywords: Adjustable-speed drive (ASD), harmonic distortion, high-frequency (HF), power factor (PF), Total harmonic distortion (THD), zero-voltage switching (ZVS) This paper presents a new approach to mitigate harmonics and to improve the power factor of a three phase front-end uncontrolled rectifier. A high-power-factor could be achieved by injecting(More)
A soft computing model for nowcasting of Yes/No rain situations, with a lead time of 2 h, is developed over DWR station at Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSD), Shriharikota (13.66°N, 80.23°E) using Doppler weather radar (DWR) reflectivity imageries. Primarily, precipitating systems of mesoscale, i.e. meso-gamma (2-20 km), meso-beta (20-200 km) and meso-alpha(More)
This paper presents a detailed noise analysis and noise-based optimization procedure for resonant MEMS structures. A design for high sensitivity of MEMS structures needs to take into account the noise shaping induced by damping phenomena at micro scale. The extraction of a behavioral model of the solid gas interaction is obtained by matching the FEA(More)
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