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Perilla frutescens extract showed marked reduction on tumorigenesis in a murine, two-stage skin carcinogenesis model. In this model, cancer is initiated by application of 7,12-dimethylbenz[a]anthracene (DMBA) and promoted by application of 12-tetradecanoylphorbol 13-acetate (TPA). Following tumor initiation with DMBA, topical application of a(More)
Previously, we identified four metabolites of (-)-epicatechin in blood and urine: (-)-epicatechin-3'-O-glucuronide (E3'G), 4'-O-methyl-(-)-epicatechin-3'-O-glucuronide (4'ME3'G), (-)-epicatechin-7-O-glucuronide (E7G), and 3'-O-methyl-(-)-epicatechin-7-O-glucuronide (3'ME7G) (Natsume et al. Free Radical Biol. Med. 34, 840-849, 2003). The aim of the current(More)
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