Akiko Usui-Ishihara

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 In Drosophila, the sensory mother cells of macrochaetes are chosen from among the mitotically quiescent clusters of cells in wing imaginal discs, where other cells are proliferating. The pattern of cyclin A, one of the G2 cyclins, reveals that mitotically quiescent clusters of cells are arrested in G2. When precocious mitoses are induced during sensory(More)
 The tactile bristles of the fly comprise four cells that originate from a single precursor cell through a fixed lineage. The gene tramtrack (ttk) plays a crucial role in defining the fates of these cells. Here we analyse the normal pattern of expression of ttk, as well as the effect of ttk overexpression at different steps of the lineage. We show that ttk(More)
The notum of Drosophila is covered with evenly spaced small mechanosensory bristles (microchaetes). Four groups of microchaetes can be distinguished on the basis of the pathways followed by the axons of their neurons. In three of the four groups, the axons extend along fibrous processes, the prospective tendons of the adult indirect flight muscles, formed(More)
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