Akiko Urushibata

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Cefmetazole (CMZ) was administered to 102 infectious cases in the gynecoobstetric patients, and the basic and clinical studies have been performed. The main findings obtained in the present study are: Amont 78 cases of CMZ administration immediately after the initial infection (A group), 42 remarkably effective (53.8%), 36 effective (46.2%) cass were(More)
We analyzed the effect of nine ‘rare’ codons (AGA, AGG, AUA, CCC, CGA, CGG, CUA, GGA, and UUA) on gene expression in an Escherichia coli coupled transcription/translation cell-free system, in comparison with a cell-based expression system. Each reporter gene contained five consecutive repeats of a rare codon, or in some experiments, three consecutive(More)
TTHA1846 is a conserved hypothetical protein from Thermus thermophilus HB8 with a molecular mass of 15.1 kDa that belongs to the thioesterase superfamily (Pfam 03061). Here, the 1.9 A resolution crystal structure of TTHA1846 from T. thermophilus is reported. The crystal structure is a dimer of dimers. Each subunit adopts the so-called hot-dog fold composed(More)
The Sto12a protein, from the thermoacidophilic archaeon Sulfolobus tokodaii, has been identified as a small putative DNA-binding protein. Most of the proteins with a high level of amino acid sequence homology to this protein are derived from members of the Sulfolobaceae family, including a transcriptional regulator. We determined the crystal structure of(More)
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