Akiko Tonoike

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To evaluate the feasibility of using the silkworm as a model animal for screening drug candidates, we examined whether the lethal dose of cytotoxic chemicals in silkworm, Bombyx mori, were consistent with those in mammals, and compared the metabolic pathways of these drugs between silkworms and mice. The lethal dose levels of cytotoxic chemicals in(More)
During the domestication process, dogs were selected for their suitability for multiple purposes, resulting in a variety of behavioral characteristics. In particular, the ancient group of breeds that is genetically closer to wolves may show different behavioral characteristics when compared to other breed groups. Here, we used questionnaire evaluations of(More)
A recent study suggested that increased copy numbers of the AMY2B gene might be a crucial genetic change that occurred during the domestication of dogs. To investigate AMY2B expansion in ancient breeds, which are highly divergent from modern breeds of presumed European origins, we analysed copy numbers in native Japanese dog breeds. Copy numbers in the(More)
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