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This study was aimed at characterizing the role of BCRP/MXR/ABCP (BCRP) in resistance of the human ovarian tumor cell lines T8 and MX3 to camptothecins more extensively and investigating whether resistance can be reversed by inhibiting BCRP by GF120918. Camptothecins studied were topotecan, CPT-11, and its active metabolite SN-38, 9-aminocamptothecin, and(More)
We determined the antitumor and antimetastatic efficacy of the camptothecin analogue DX-8951f in an orthotopic metastatic mouse model of pancreatic cancer. DX-8951f showed efficacy against two human pancreatic tumor cell lines in this model. These cell lines were transduced with the green fluorescent protein, enabling high-resolution visualization of tumor(More)
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